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KrohneTec Calming Collar for Cats, Anxiety Relief Cat Collars, Pheromone and Lavender Calming Collar for Dogs, Lasts up to 60 Days

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  • NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE: This calming cat collar imitates maternal pheromones that reassure dogs and cats. A pet remembers and responds to the pheromones throughout their lives. This kitten collar simulates the natural way pets cope with anxiety and stress. Lavender and pheromone essential oils help anxiety relief and tension relief effectively.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE & EASY TO USE: The 15-inch length fits most dogs and cats, the length of the calming collar for cats can be adjusted. The material of this anti anxiety cat calming collar is solid and reliable, but cat collars can also be cut, so you can also cut off the extra length if needed. Simple operation and easy to use anxiety relief items, only need three steps to complete.
  • LONG-LASTING CALMING EFFECT FOR 60 DAYS: The 60 days cat calming collar continues to function 24 hours a day, valid for up to 2 months. The lavender calming collar for dogs helps reduce the stress of your pets effectively. The active ingredients will function well during the period of validity, which means you don’t need to change frequently, save your effort.
  • GREAT FOR REDUCING PET FEAR OR STRESS: Dog calming collar is great stress reliever or pet anxiety or fear caused by travel, outdoor activities, pet solitary activities, veterinarian visits, fireworks, thunderstorms and other noisy or unfamiliar environments. The calming collar can also help pets feel comfortable by relieving symptoms such as licking their lips, barking, panting, drooling and whimpering, toilet problems in the home, and damaging items in the home.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Based on the confidence in the quality, our Assorted Candy Bulk Party Bag is protected by worry-free support. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please pay attention to whether the size of the dog calming collar matches your pet before buying. It is recommended that you measure the size of your pet’s neck before buying Kitten collars.


You can use our effective cat and dog calming collar that helps to change the pet’s stress-related state and effectively relieve the dog’s anxiety and aggression, including travel, fear, stress, loud noise, veterinary visits, alone, thunderstorm, new environment Wait.

Easily one of the most popular cat calming collars, the Calming Collar for cat anxiety is affordable and practical. This cute cat collar fits necks up to 15 inches and lasts for a full 60 days. This calming pet collar uses pheromone technology to reduce stress behaviors including inappropriate marking, excessive meowing, scratching, and destruction. It has a soothing lavender pheromone fragrance and is perfect for cats of all breeds and ages. The calming dog collar takes effect quickly and generally starts working within an hour, with a continuous calming effect for up to about 60 days. Cat and dog collars can create a more relaxed and happier experience for you and your pet.

The calming cat collars must be worn loose to allow the cat to grow and allow the collar to move around the neck. Two fingers can be placed between the collar and the cat’s neck to adjust the size to fit the cat’s neck comfortably.

Features :
1. Lavender and pheromone essential oil help relieve tension and anxiety. No harm and no addiction.
2. Weatherproof, you can give your cute pet protection whenever and wherever you want.
3. The calming cat collar is adjustable in size; one size fits most dogs and cats.
4. It lasts for 60 days and is easy to operate and saves effort.
5. Fine workmanship, sturdy and durable, quality assurance.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority and significant to us. So if you have any issue with our Calming Collar for Cats or you are not happy then feel free to contact us. Our dedicated and professional team is always available for the best Customer Support.

Date First Available: 08/15/2020

Brand: KrohneTec

UPC: 717351567778

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