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KrohneTec Dog Training Device, Anti-Barking Control with Ultrasonic Sound and LED Flashlight, Stop Bad Behavior and Biting in All Dog Breeds

$49.90 $29.90

  • TEACH YOUR PET TO BEHAVE – Our anti barking device is an effective tool in helping curb your pooch’s bad behaviors like scratching, gnawing, chewing, biting, and climbing atop your furniture.
  • STOP INCESSANT BARKING – Is your pet’s barking starting to annoy you and your neighbors? Our barking control devices stop your dog from barking by emitting a high-pitched sound that only your dog can hear.
  • DETER DOG ATTACKS – Keep yourself and your pet from being attacked by other dogs. The 130dB sound wave and powerful infrared laser from our device immediately stop aggressive dogs on their tracks.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – Our electronic dog deterrent is compact and lightweight. It measures approximately 5.4″ long, 2.7″ wide, and 1″ thick so it should fit in most pants and jacket pockets.
  • STAY SAFE AT NIGHT – Our bark control device is equipped with a powerful LED flashlight. It’s a useful tool when you take your four-legged friend on your early morning jog or evening walk.


Is your dog’s behavior causing you too much stress and trouble?

Gnawing on the table legs, chewing your favorite sneakers, or jumping up the sofa and scratching away like crazy – these are just some of our furry best friend’s antics that can sometimes get on our nerves.

Fortunately, dogs are trainable animals and their undesirable behaviors can be corrected with the right tools. However, with all the dog training devices out there, which among them should you choose?

Train your pet to behave better with the KrohneTec Dog Training Device!

Obedience schools can be expensive for many dog owners, which is why our dog training device is a much better option. If you use it properly and apply the right training methods, you can get the same results as you would when you pay a professional to train your dog.

Our dog training device is simple and easy to use; even first-time dog owners will have no problem operating it. Simply point the device at your dog, toggle the switch to the desired setting, then press and hold the “ON” button.

Please note that the effectiveness of our dog trainer decreases under certain conditions. You may have trouble getting the device to work on dogs that are currently breeding. It may not also work as well on dogs that were previously trained. Obstacles and barriers between the dog and the device may also hinder proper performance.

Still not sure? Here are more details about our dog training device to help you decide:

Clearly labeled buttons
Made with premium quality and durable materials
Ergonomic shape fits hands well
Includes instruction manual

Train your dog so you can both live a more peaceful and happier life.

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